Town Ramparts & Brustempoort

Except for a stretch of wall in the garden of the friars minor, Brustempoort is the only section of the medieval town ramparts to have stood the test of time. Sewage workers chanced upon its remains in 1897, but it was not before 1939 that they were excavated. The underground bulwark was restored in 1968-69. At this site, the fortress was in the middle of a deep moat which was filled in after the defences were dismantled. The substructure is a rectangular space (10.7 by 4.5 m) divided into two storeys, each of which has passages leading to firing rooms equipped with embrasures and chimneys for evacuating the gunsmoke. Right at the bottom is a remnant of the earliest flint wall. The rest is in brick. In a niche is a scale replica of the ancient Brustempoort. At present, the site is not open to the public.

Go for a walk around the historical city centre, following the trajectory of the former town ramparts on the now renovated promenade (stadsvesten): Hoge Veser, Tichelrij, Naamsevest, Tiensevest, Kazernevest and the town park. The ramparts were erected by abbot Adelard II in the 11th century and dismantled in 1675 by king Louis XIV of France. The town park is nearly 4 ha (10 acres) large. It was laid out on the remnants of the old city walls.

Type of activity: Monument
Telephone number: 3211701818
Address: Europaplein, 3800 Sint-Truiden
District: Centrum

Opening hours:

De stadsvesten (wandelpad) zijn doorlopend toegankelijk; de Brustempoort is niet toegangelijk!


susan taylor 24/02/2017

beste is het mogelijk om een bezoek voor een groep naar de brustempoort ?dit is voor juli/ aug.

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